Press Clipping
Celtic Sensation

Solas’ members, now based out of New York, have come from such groundbreaking ensembles as Chanting House, Cherish the Ladies, The Sharon Shannon Band, Green Fields of America and Atlantic Bridge. Anchored by founding members Seamus Egan (flute, tenor banjo, mandolin, whistles, guitars, bodhran) and Winifred Horan (violins, vocals), Solas is rounded out by Mick McAuley (accordions, low whistle, concertina, vocals), Eamon McElholm (guitars, keyboards, vocals), and lead singer for this tour, Moira Smiley. Through fresh and unexpected arrangements of age-old tunes, compelling and topical originals and covers, and unparalleled musicianship, Solas continues to define the path for the Celtic music world and drive the genre forward.